For our fully cooked sausages grilling,pan-frying or steaming them over medium heat for 7-10 minutes is the best way to bring out its great flavor.

For our semi-processed products like bacon, tapas will need further cooking. Grill or pan fry them for approximately 15 minutes until an internal temperature of 160°F is reached. Turn to avoid burning.

Since 1975, we have used the best pork, beef, and chicken we can source. There are absolutely no pork or beef by-products, mechanically deboned meat, and extenders in any of our sausages. We use local and imported raw materials from suppliers who share our core belief in producing high quality products, locally manufactured in Bulacan, Philippines

-Insert question: What is the shelf life of meat products? Answer: 6-9 months (unopened/frozen), 1 month (unopened,chilled).

Dairy, MSG, soy or chicken are ingredients we use in some of our products. However, the product labels declare these ingredients. Our spice blend are trade secrets. In case you are allergic to a particular ingredient/spice, please contact us and we will be glad to tell you if it is in any of our products.

Nitrites have been used essentially for many years to produce safe and shelf stable products. We use the allowed minimum levels of nitrite for consumer safety.

The occurrence on the surface of sausages are called “whiskers”/filaments which are naturally present on the surface of the hog casing used which are edible.  These are veins on the surface of the intestine-runner that attach to the animal carcass and is part of the animal biology.  Furthermore these are not harmful in any way and disappear upon cooking.  Food safety has always been and will always be our top priority.

All of Golden A products are sweetened using refined sugar that are locally harvested.

All Golden A products are in Restaurants/Hotel Establishments and Retail Establishments

Golden A is available in 1, 1.9 and 2L PET bottles

Golden A offers a portfolio of flavours, which include Iced Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Lychee, Tea with Calamansi and Grenadine and more.

Yes, all tea contains naturally-occuring caffeine

Yes, we manufacture Premium Tea (less-sweet)

Yes, all tea contains naturally-occuring antioxidants

Yes, all Golden A products are made from real tea leaves sourced from the best growers around the world.

All Golden A products have a best before date. The best before date is not an expiration date, but rather the date we recommend you to enjoy GoldenA.

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